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Here at WebTizing we will be bringing you some help to build your online business. We all know that being found in the search engines can make or break you online business. I have known of people that had thriving online business one day and the next their sales al but dried up. What happened? Their website was no longer showing in the first 5 pages of the search engines. The top three, Google , Yahoo and Bing are all important to be listed in to get online traffic. There are plenty of other places to get traffic to your website but many times it cost money to do so. Organic search is the type of search results you want to show up in. This is where someone types in what they are looking for in the search box and up comes the results. Most people never get past the first page of the search results before they find what they are looking for. There may be better sites with more information on them but if you can't find them then all the great info is going unnoticed. This happens all the time.

Search has gotten a lot better over the years and here recently it is even better at filtering out the spam sites that just write content to get at or near the top of the search rankings. The days of making articles stuffed with key words is over. Websites and articles that are full of original content are of the best ranked sites. There are still some things that will help you rank better but original content is king. People think they can copy their companies replicated site information and put it on their website and people will come. Not so anymore, just the opposite. Search engines will penalize you for duplicate or copied content.


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